Customer Experience (CX) and Brand Activation

  • Duration: 2 days

For great customer experience, every interaction at every customer touchpoint must be exceptional. Customer Experience (CX) means creating and effectively managing your customers’ emotions. In fact, every single interaction that occurs between an organization and its customers fosters an emotion of some kind. Whether that emotion is deep frustration or sheer delight is largely up to you and how thoughtfully you design, plan, and execute the customer experience.

This course provides you with all you need to know about creating a customer-centric culture and coming up with a workable customer experience framework for your organization. Narrowing down on the topic, you will be able to measure your customer service effectiveness, come up with CX strategies, measure your CX initiatives, and create areas for improvement in your CX programs.

Course Methodology

The course employs a wide array of self-assessments, templates, group exercises, workshops, and relevant videos to help participants acquire and apply the right competencies necessary to design and implement a full customer experience program.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the scope of customer service and measure its effectiveness to ensure repeat customer and corporate growth
  • Understand customer experience management to adapt to changing consumer expectations and create an awesome customer experience program
  • Define customer experience strategies and use empathy to create desirable products/services and great customer interactions
  • Measure customer experience performance to analyze problems and come up with recovery strategies and take corrective actions
  • Improve customer experience practices to continuously meet service challenges and instill a customer-centric culture

Target Audience

The course will be of interest to a wide range of customer service, marketing, PR, communications, sales, and operations professionals. It addresses professionals wishing to understand the importance and role of customer experience and to design and implement CX programs and build their competencies in marketing and sales and to develop their skills in such disciplines.

Target Competencies

  • Customer service
  • Service effectiveness measurement
  • CX strategies
  • Journey mapping
  • Creating customer and employee personas
  • CX metrics and tracking
  • Customer-centric sustainability

Course Outline

  • Customer service effectiveness
    • Customer service definitions
    • Understanding the customer’s problem
    • The current customer mindset
    • Top 10 reasons hindering CX improvement
    • The effect of improving CX
    • The secret sauce for CX effectiveness
    • Building an uplift service culture
    • Measuring customer service effectiveness
  • Fundamentals of customer experience
    • Steps to creating a great CX program
    • Identifying CX killers
    • Adapting to changing consumer expectations
    • Diagnosing your company’s CX problems
    • Core elements of a great CX
    • The role of empathy in CX
    • The brand proposition and CX
  • Deploying your CX Plan
    • Customer strategy definition
    • Creating a customer persona
    • Identifying employee personas
    • Business process versus the customer journey
    • Mapping the customer journey
    • Understanding what constitutes a touchpoint
    • Creating a journey map
    • Foundations of experience design
    • Emotion-mapping your touchpoints
    • Digital customer experience
    • Auditing your website
    • Auditing your digital marketing initiatives
    • Setting digital metrics for improvement
    • Setting standards for the digital shopper experience
    • Examples of CX digitization
  • Measuring and sustaining CX
    • Measuring your CX program’s performance
      • Different types of measurements
      • Turning your measurement into action
      • Developing a CX dashboard tool
    • Sustaining customer experience
    • Customer experience improvement methods
  • Brand activation and CX
    • Definition of brand activation
    • Importance of brand activation
    • Activation versus experiential marketing
    • Creating an engaging brand activation program
    • Metrics for brand activation campaigns
    • Types of brand activation
    • Brand activation real examples