Communication Skills

  • Duration: 1 day


As a business leader you need to recognise that your voice is one powerful tool. One you could use to inspire action, control your resources and ultimately achieve results in and around your work environment. How you use your voice is the main determining factor. The Communication Skills masterclass will teach you how to harness your vocal power in projecting your brand. You’ll learn to engage with your clients & colleagues in a way that’ll ensure the growth of your business.

Course Objectives

– To increase awareness of the voice and its impact as a communications channel.
– To challenge the received thinking and attitudes towards public speaking.
– To introduce the fundamental tenets of vocal presentation and optimisation.
– To identify potential barriers to communication and introduce strategies for improving relaxation, concentration and focus.
– To hone listening skills in order to enable participants to respond and intervene more accurately, more strategically and more effectively.

What you will learn:

– Why voice matters
– The customer/client-Focused voice
– Understanding Body language
– Improving Communication
– Vocal Communication Skills
– Active listening Behaviour
– Poise
– P.I.C.T.U.R.E.
– Enunciation
– The power of a controlled Voice
– The sub-conscious influence of a controlled voice